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Ted DeGrazia Biography

Ettore (Ted) DeGrazia was born in 1909 to Italian immigrants in the small mining camp of Morenci in then Territorial Arizona. He spent his early years playing in and roaming about the barren hills surrounding his home. His playmates were Native American children from the nearby Apache Indian reservation. During these early pre-teen years, Ettore’s interest in art began to develop despite the harshness of the land and the rough and tumble existence in a primitive mining camp. His creativity absorbed the colors of his environment and his artistic abilities were kindled. His earliest works were simple carvings from clay that were hardened in his mother’s kitchen stove. Read the rest…..



Welcome to the “new” web site.  This is a rebirth of our old site that was located at which was originally established in 1999.

So, we were much over-do for a remake.  The domain name is certainly a lot easier to remember.

We are excited about this new site.  The navigation is much easier, the layout is clean and easy on the eyes, and the product graphics are bigger and sharper. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the large feed-me button on the upper right of each page.  By doing this, you will be informed of any new changes or additions to the site.  Also, you are welcome to leave comments on any page.  You can share any experiences you have had with Ted DeGrazia, or ask any question you might have on any of our products.

We do  have a lot of things planned for the future.  There will be a series of articles on the life and work of Ted DeGrazia.  Stories and anecdotes from people who knew DeGrazia and worked with him.  We will be adding new products and services in the months to come.  For instance, we have over 70 matted 11 x 14 calendar prints to choose from.  Soon, we will be adding more to bring that number up to 100.  These matted prints are exclusive to us. No one else offers 11 x 14 matted calendar prints online.   We have added more crystal tiles and we have the ability to have any print you choose made up into a 6 x 8 or an 8 x 10 glazed tile.

As always, shipping is included in the price to any location in continental USA. Right from the start, you know exactly what the total cost of an item is.  International orders are welcomed.  Please read our about-us page for more information.

So, again, welcome. Enjoy your visit and let us know what you think.